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Damascus Road Missionary Baptist Church Damascus Road Missionary Baptist Church

From The Pastor's Desk From The Pastor's Desk

Welcome to "From the Pastor's Desk"!

Praise God From Whom All blessing's Flow!

January, the first month of the year, the beginning of something new, a time to start over, to correct wrongs and to make a fresh commitment.  As the year 2019 begins, let us all look at it as the first days of the rest of our lives.  The bible states that, "we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God," so in that, let us not allow ourselves to be held captive to those things that once were.  Let us all purpose in our hearts, that this year, we will start over, not allowing satan to trick us into thinking that what we were, we will always be.  Let us decide today, to make a conscience and concise effort to walk in the newness of life and to walk fully in his will, word and way. My brothers and my sisters, let us take this year to commit to fasting and abstaining from negativity, in all aspects, to being of service and help to others, especially outside of the church walls and to being all that we know God intended and purposed for us to be.  Let us begin anew!!!!! 

Because of Calvary,

Rev. Dr. Earl F. Jackson